About Me...
My name is Cindy Nawar. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Otterbein College in Westerville, OH. I went on to complete a Music Therapy Equivalency Program through Ohio University. After the two years of study, I fulfilled the 8-month internship at Helping Hands Center(HHC) for Special Needs in Worthington, OH.

My Experience
At HHC I worked with children ages 3–8 diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities in individual and group settings. I reported on IEPs and participated in progress meetings with treatment teams and collaborated with speech and occupational therapists. At times, sessions were co-treated between myself and the other therapist. As an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) teacher in the classroom, I gained knowledge of behavioral approaches to teaching that I continue to use in therapy sessions.





My Motivation
Music is an enjoyable activity for me in my free-time and as a service to the music ministry in my church. But, I also want to share it with others, especially those with special needs.
For those with special needs, music can be motivational, a communication outlet or even an educational medium through which objectives are addressed through a fun, safe environment. Their increase in self-esteem, success in achieving one or many goals, their positively-influenced relationships with others and themselves brings gratification to all those involved.
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